Values and Philosophy

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Health Care Innovation 에치비아이는 혁신과 지속적인 연구개발을 통하여 체외진단의료기기 분야 글로벌 리더로 도약하고 국민의 건강한 삶에 가치를 더하고자 합니다.


An engineer means a person who pursue the happiness of the world by means of own specialized technology. Therefore, the scientific engineer is a main role of leading and changing the world at the center of the world. Accordingly, he/she is an innovator who pursue the change without stopping.

He/she is a leader who can drive himself/herself voluntarily to open the world endlessly by challenging with enthusiasm. He/she is a scientist who studies and identifies the unknown phenomena and a philosopher who feels and thinks on the principle of life. At the same time, he/she is an artist who creates beautiful world with heart warm consideration and in-depth gratitude to the others.

HBI will open the world with the mind of pioneer to create the added value in the medical service part and to advance to the global market through consistent R&D.