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Health Care Innovation 에치비아이는 혁신과 지속적인 연구개발을 통하여 체외진단의료기기 분야 글로벌 리더로 도약하고 국민의 건강한 삶에 가치를 더하고자 합니다.

HBI Biotechnology Research Institute widens its field to the development of
more than 30 ICA in vitro diagnostic agents and various biochemical diagnostic
reagents including the world first developed diagnostic agent for misuse and abuse
of toluene with initiation of developing “HiSens hCG Card” and involves into the
product quality improvement suitable for own brand of “HiSens” and consistent
research activities.   We, Biotechnology Research Institute will stride for the world
first class company owing to the technology development based on the trust in
the coming days.